How do I contact the Core personnel?


You probably had a hard time finding this. Sorry, but we do that on purpose because MOST of the questions you might ask are answered on our FAQ pages. If you really looked on those pages, and you didn’t find the necessary answer, then please call or email the Core Director, as listed below. If he doesn’t answer, try calling the lab. The Sample Clerks themselves (Doug, Jeff, Barry) can answer non-technical questions regarding drop-off hours, sample labels, computerized sample submission, etc.

You can contact:

The Core Director, Dr. Robert Lyons
The MSRB II Sample Clerk
by telephone at 734-764-1461
The LSI Sample Clerk
by telephone at 734-615-9168
The NCRC Sample Clerk
by telephone at 734-763-8896
The NCRC Core Lab itself
by telephone at 764-8067

Or by mail or in person, at the following address:

                             NCRC Building 14, Room 122
                             2800 Plymouth Rd.
                             Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800
PLEASE refrain from calling the Core Technicians to ask about the status of individual samples. Instead, go to the Core’s home page and click on View/Edit/DeleteSamples to check on your samples. Beyond that page’s info, it takes considerable time to determine the status of individual samples, and the Core Technicians are very busy just processing samples.