The Epigenomics Core

provides resources and services to prepare samples for analysis in epigenetic regulation in both genome-wide and locus-specific manners. Epigenetic regulation refers to DNA sequence-independent regulation of heritable traits that impacts gene expression. In recent years the term has broadened to also encompass processes that control gene expression and genomic functions beyond DNA sequence but which may be more transient or facultative in nature. 

Our Process

Project Initiation

Utilizing our new Consultation Request Form, the Investigator will submit a request for services with the Epigenomics Core.

Submit Samples

A member of the Epigenomics Core will schedule a consultation with the Investigator. After the consultation, the investigator will then send/deliver samples to our core for review.

Sample Processing

The Epigenomics Core will oversee the quality control of samples, providing assay-specific sample processing and library preparation. We will then submit samples/libraries to the Advanced Genomics Core for downstream processing.

Data Review

The Epigenomics Core will review the data from the Advanced Genomics Core providing data quality control, alignment, and analysis (if requested). The core will then return the data and reports to the investigator, completing the process cycle.

*When completing a project request, please review the workflow instructions for internal and external users.

Core Testimonials

“I have been extremely impressed with the highly productive relationship our research group has with the Epigenomics Core. We needed help overcoming technical hurdles in sample processing so we could generate meaningful data from less than ideal specimens. The Epigenomics Core has been not only a valuable consulting and training resource but also extremely enthusiastic at all steps of troubleshooting. The core staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable on a range of specialized techniques and are well versed in the pros and cons of the latest technologies. The expertise provided by the Epigenomics Core is key to our assembly of data in a relatively new area for us, and we couldn’t be more pleased with their highly customized efforts on behalf of our group’s project.”

Dr. Jennie Lovett

Our Locations:

Medical Sciences Research Building (MSRB), Rm C568

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