Medical Sciences Research Building (MSRB) II, Rm C574

Biomedical Sciences Research Building (BSRB), Rm A701

North Campus Research Complex (NCRC), Building 20W, Rm 134D

The Flow Cytometry Core

provides instrumentation and expertise to University of Michigan investigators – and the surrounding biotech community – in a broad range of basic and medical science disciplines. Samples are prepared by individual investigators, who then deliver samples to the Core for flow cytometric analysis or cell sorting. The Core also provides assistance in grant and publication preparation, publication-quality graphics, and the development of experimental designs.

Our Process


No training is required to bring samples to the facility to be run by our trained technicians. However, we do offer training on all core instrumentation for those users wanting to take advantage of the discounted rate for self-operation or for those wanting to utilize the equipment during the off-hours.


First-time investigators must consult with the core manager concerning facility operating policies, and discuss projects pursuant to optimizing experimental design, sample preparation, appropriate controls, and containment of potential pathogens. For full information on getting started with the Core, please visit Instructions & Forms.

To set up a consultation, please log in to MiCores (from iLab Solutions and Agilent Technologies).

Reserve Instrumentation

View the scheduling calendar and reserve time on an instrument through MiCores, an online system from Agilent Technologies and iLab Solutions at

Core Announcements

New Equipment Kiosk System Coming in March

We are excited to announce that we will be implementing a new equipment kiosk for our core. This new system integrates with MiCORES to provide each of you with a more streamlined reservation experience, simplifying your instrument time logging and providing everyone with more accurate billing and reporting. Beginning at our NCRC location on March 1st, you will be able to log into the new kiosk system through a shortcut located in the upper right corner of our lab computers or you can also utilize a QR Code, within the instructions, on your mobile device. Additionally, the kiosk will launch at our MSRB II and BSRB locations on March 17th.

Ready to get started? Please take a moment to review the Flow Cytometry Core Kiosk Instructions and should you have any questions, please contact me at

Evening Hours at BSRB to be Discontinued

Due to the diminishing need for evening staffed appointments as individuals start returning to regularly scheduled operations, starting February 28th, we will be discontinuing evening appointments at our BSRB location. Staff hours will return to our normal schedule of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

General Information


Our Locations:

Medical Sciences Research Building (MSRB) II, Rm C574
Biomedical Sciences Research Building (BSRB), Rm A701
North Campus Research Complex (NCRC), Building 20W, Rm 134D

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