Metabolomics Project Request

The process for initiating a project with the Metabolomics Core varies depending on your institutional affiliation. In the appropriate section below, please review the guidelines and forms. Once the necessary steps are completed, your request will be reviewed. A consultation will be scheduled to review the project/experimental design with you and to provide a quote.

1. Samples

Refer to the Products and Services page for assay descriptions, and Cost Estimates and Fees page for standard pricing.

For general guidelines in sample collection for metabolomics studies, and specific instructions on how to submit your samples, please download these important documents:

NOTE: For metabolomics experiments with smaller sample sets (<20) for common assays, there may be a delay in analysis. In order to maintain overall laboratory efficiency, small sets will be added to larger sample runs or pooled with other small sample sets for analysis. Core users may inquire about expedited analysis of smaller numbers of samples.


2. MiCores

To request services, users must login to MiCores. If you don’t already have an account, register for one here.

MiCores (iLabs software, part of Agilent Technologies) is an online system used by the U-M Medical School’s Biomedical Research Core Facilities (BRCF) to streamline the process of ordering and billing for core service requests. For instructions on setting up a MiCores account and tutorials on the system, visit the MiCores Learning Site, watch this MiCores Services video and/or see this MiCores Guide (PDF file).

Once you have a MiCores account, you must request access to the Metabolomics Core facility. Your institutional affiliation (i.e., 3a, 3b, or 3c below) will then determine how to proceed.

For general MiCores questions:

  • Call the HITS Service desk: (734) 936-8000
  • Select prompt #3
  • Select prompt #3 again

For password resets:

  • Call the HITS Service desk: (734) 936-8000
  • Select prompt #3
  • Select prompt #1

Or visit the HITS website for more help.


3a. Metabolomics Project Request (U-M Affiliated)

Investigators affiliated with the University of Michigan will be charged the advertised rate for all services, and do not need to sign a contract. A U-M shortcode for billing is required when initiating any analyses.

3b. Metabolomics Project Request (Non-U-M Investigator)

Investigators not affiliated with the University of Michigan will need to complete the MC Service Agreement below. After an initial consultation, an ‘Exhibit A’ will be drafted by the Core that specifies the scope and total costs for your project, and is part of the MC Service agreement.  A copy of U-M’s W9 form is also found below.  These 3 documents (Exhibit A, Service Agreement and W-9) should be forwarded to the appropriate authority at your institution. A PO number and copies of the signed contract must be e-mailed to the Core Administrator before services can be initiated. A surcharge will be applied to all external non-U-M customers. Please contact the Managing Director, Maureen Kachman, for more information.

Further information can be found in the documents listed below:

3c. Services for All For-profit Institutions

A more elaborate contract is required for all for-profit clients.  We can start with your standard contract, and negotiate some of the terms and conditions, if necessary with the U-M Office of Contract Administration.

Please contact the Managing Director, Maureen Kachman, to discuss details.


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