List of Proteomics Services

Expert scientific consultation and experimental design

Qualitative Proteomics:

  • protein identification,
  • protein profiling and interactome analysis,
  • protein sequence confirmation,
  • localization of post-translational modifications (PTMs).
  • Histone profiling
  • Glycoscreen (localization of N-Glycosylation sites)

Quantitative Proteomics:

  • Protein Expression Profiling using label-free quantitation, SILAC, or TMT (labeled quantitation)
  • Targeted Proteomics (parallel reaction monitoring, PRM, “absolute” quantitation),
  • Data Independent Analysis (DIA, fast and sensitive differential quantitation for sample cohorts with at least 3 replicates)
  • Quantitation of phosphorylation sites
  • Quantitative Histone Profiling

Pathway Analysis (biological pathways, gene ontology terms, miRNAs and diseases for differentially expressed proteins)

N-terminal (Edman) protein sequencing

Quantitative Amino Acid Analysis (quantitation of total protein versus non-protein components) for proteins or peptides

Data analysis, interpretation, discussion and reporting

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