The Transgenic Animal Model Core

was established in 1989 in response to the need for transgenic technology by University Investigators. The mission of the Transgenic Core is to provide access to transgenic animal technology in an efficient, effective manner. Researchers can use Transgenic Core laboratory space and resources side by side with staff members. Consultation in all phases of genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9), transgenic, and gene targeting research from experimental design to mouse breeding is freely available. The Core’s mission is to provide access to a complex technology so that investigators can focus their resources on research instead of developing tools for research.

Our Process


Consultations are provided at no cost. We provide advice, as well as protocols and training, for every step of the process from experimental design to mouse breeding. Please contact us at any time with questions on how to proceed.

Project Request

To submit a service request, please log into MiCores.

Once prepared, submit all of your materials to the Core so that we may initiate your request.

Core Testimonials

“As someone working with mouse mutants for more than 30 years, my latest experience with the Transgenic Animal Core was truly exceptional. All I did was give the Core a gene name. The Core designed the whole strategy, including the CRISPR guide RNAs and the template for introducing two LoxP site to make a conditional floxed allele. A process that would have taken many years was finished within 4 months, generating at least 3 independent founder mice with the correct targeted floxed allele. The speed and accuracy of gene targeting has never been better.” 

Dr. Gregory Dressler

Our Locations:

Medical Sciences Research Building (MSRB) II

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