Authorship & Acknowledgement Policies

The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) has established recommended authorship guidelines that the Biomedical Research Core Facilities follow. Please see below for their recommended guidelines as implemented by the BRCF:

Why Cite the Contributions of a Core?

It is important to document use of each Biomedical Research Core Facility by investigators in publications. Doing so facilitates efforts to obtain funding for our Cores. Core facility personnel are valued scientists; when they make a substantial contribution to a publication, they deserve to be acknowledged like any other co-author. The existence of the BRCF relies on proper acknowledgment in publications and awards. Proper acknowledgment of the BRCF helps us to obtain support so that we may continue to provide services to the best of our abilities.

Please include the following information in the acknowledgments section of any publication resulting from services provided by or facilities used by any of the BRCF Cores:

  1. The name of the specific Biomedical Research Core Facility(ies) used in the scope of your research or project.
  2. Clearly, state how the author and core contributed to your research.
  3. If a center, department, grant or institution supported access to resources through funding or other means, please include that.

If you have any questions about correctly attributing the Cores in a publication or award, please contact us.

For more information, please see the Authorship Guidelines established by the ABRF.