Tanu Soni, M.S.

Data Analyst, Metabolomics Core

(734) 764-2682


Ms. Soni is the lead biostatistician for the Metabolomics Core. She works with Dr. Raskind to perform initial analysis and reanalysis of data produced in the untargeted metabolomics laboratory. She has a Master’s Degree in both Biostatistics and Bioinformatics from the University of Michigan and has worked with the Metabolomics Core for the past 3 years.

Ms. Soni has expertise with data analysis of untargeted metabolomics and has expertise on understanding the relationship of the thousands of ‘unknown’ features that are routinely identified in the untargeted chromatograms. She works closely with Dr. Karnovsky to provide partial correlation analysis for determining identity of unknown compounds. She also works with Drs. Athey and Raskind and colleagues from Agilent Technologies to develop new programs to make initial spectral analysis of mass spectrometry data more automated and complete.

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