It is important to document the use of each Biomedical Research Core Facility by investigators in publications. Doing so facilitates efforts to obtain funding for our Cores. Core facility personnel are valued scientists; when they make a substantial contribution to a publication, they deserve to be acknowledged like any other co-author. The existence of the BRCF relies on proper acknowledgment in publications and awards. Proper acknowledgment of the BRCF helps us to obtain support so that we may continue to provide services to the best of our abilities.

Please include the following information in the acknowledgments section of any publication resulting from services provided by our facilities use by any of the BRCF Cores:

  1. The name of the specific Biomedical Research Core Facility(ies) used in the scope of your research or project.
  2. Clearly state how the author and core contributed to your research.
  3. If a center, department, grant or institution supported access to resources through funding or other means, please include that.

If you have any questions about correctly attributing the Cores in a publication or award, please contact us.

Welcome the NovaSeq 6000

The NovaSeq 6000 combines 2 color SBS chemistry with the nanowell patterned flow cell. There are four flow cells options, SP, S1, S2, and the S4. There are two different ways to load the Flow cell, individual lane loading (XP) so as to run various experiments on the...

New Augmented Reality Game at Researchpalooza

Crack the code, win the prize, and share on social media! Researchpalooza on August 8 is fast approaching, and this year the Medical School Office of Research has developed their own augmented reality game that helps researchers learn more about the Research Project...

New Services from the Proteomics Core

The Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core is excited introduce two new services now available: Pathway Analysis: The results from protein profiling and expression profiling (e.g. label-free quantitation by spectral counting) can be directly analyzed to elucidate the...

10X Genomics

The DNA Sequencing Core is excited to be a partner with 10x Genomics in advancing research at the University of Michigan Biomedical Research Core Facilities. Our 10x Genomics community is expanding here at the University of Michigan. 10x advertises their products as...